NanoCamPro: FAQ

1. How to convert NanoCamPro AVI file to MOV file?
A: You can use "Quick Time" and click on " explore to i-Movie" to change to MOV file.

2. What is the battery life of current 650mAp?
A: Standard battery life is 1.5 hours-2 hours, but you can always take out our battery when not in use, for longer battery life.

3. What is the 4GB micro SD card video time?
A; it usually approx. 2 hours, 8 GB is 4 hours etc.

4. Can you delete files on the Nanocampro?
A: Yes, you can hold down the scroll down button (third button down) for three seconds to delete one or all files.

5. I just purchased camera from and I have read about different sd card classification to use with different cameras. Dones the nanocam work will all levels of sd cards or is there a best one to use with it? Thanks Justin
A: Hi Justin, Thanks for purchasing NanoCamPro. You will need MicroSD card class 4 or above. SanDisk 4G MicroSD card work well with our Nano Cam.

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